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Poland #5 EU cosmetics market

                                  The value of the market 4,1 bln EUR

                                  More than 1000 producers and distributors

                                  The Polish cosmetics market is dynamic
                                  - innovations and trends shape the market!

                                  The value - 3.9 bln EUR

                                  Main export destinations:
                                  Germany, Russia, UK, Czech Republic, Belgium, France;
                                  growing presence in Asia

           What the Polish
                                                    High-quality       Tradition
           cosmetics industry                       Motivation         Management

           stands for?                              Flexibility        Creativity

                                                    Every second cosmetic produced in Poland
                                                    is exported to more than 160 countries
           Did you know that?
                                                    Globally every third hybrid
                                                    nail polish is produced in Poland

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