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AFFECT Cosmetics is a Polish professional make-up
                                                brand that was created to support women’s desire
                                                for having the best quality make up products. It is
                                                a fusion of high-quality cosmetics with affordable
                                                price, experience of respected makeup masters with
                                                boldness and enthusiasm of passionates, intense
                                                and extravagant make ups with natural beauty.
                                                Within a few years, it has established itself as
                                                a professional, creative and artistically oriented
                                                brand. The products inspire trust due to their quality
                                                in over 20 countries and on 3 continents.

                                                AFFECT X PRO MAKE UP ACADEMY COLLECTION

                                                Uniqe collection of makeup products created under
                                                the professional eye of the tutors of the renowned
                                                PRO MAKE UP Academy - the highest quality, most
                                                fashionable, universal colors, skincare ingredients
                                                and luxurious packaging. >> click here

                                                MAKE UP BRUSHES

                                                Set of 7 multi-functional make up brushes, beautiful
                                                and stylish, intended for both professionals and
                                                make up amateurs. >> click here


           AFFECT make up palettes created in cooperation with experienced make up artists
           allowing to create endless looks due to the carefully selected color combinations,
           perfected shadow formulation and their high pigmentation. >> click here


           NEW WAY line of pressed products for face makeup adapted to the needs of vegans and
           enriched with skin care ingredients. >> click here

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