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Ava® Cosmetic Laboratory has been constantly
           active on the Polish market since 1961. Our mission
           is to create cosmetics in harmony with nature. Ava®
           is the first Polish cosmetic manufacturer of natural
           and organic cosmetics that obtained the prestigious
           ECOCERT     certificate  (Cosmos)   –  the   French
           worldwide certification organization for natural and
           organic products.

           PLANET EARTH

           The anti-ageing cosmetics which are produced
           without negative impact on the environment, based
           on rambutan leaf extract with ECOCERT COSMOS
           certificate. >> click here


           Youth Activators as many as 8 serums with key
           ingredients of natural origin, effective skin care
           products that slow down the aging process.
           >>click here


           Reduction     of     discolourations:    brightening
           pigmentation spots, innovative mechanizm of action,
           new generation of exceptionally active ingredients.
           >> click here


           Synergy of innovative, natural ingredients in maximum concentration deeply purifies
           pores and intensively reduces: blemishes, blackheads, sebum oversecretion. >> click here

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