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Barwa Cosmetics for over 70 years has been
                                                  producing the highest quality hair, face and body
                                                  care products based on natural ingredients and
                                                  simple, economical yet effective formulas.

           We manufacture bar soaps, liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions, facial
           care products, baby products, detergents, laundry detergents, household products, that
           are bought by customers almost all over the world eg: in Taiwan, Russia, Spain, USA and
           Canada. The Company also produces private labels products. Today, profits from export
           account for 23% of the company's sales and are steadily growing.

                                                  HARMONY SERIES

                                                  Is an exclusive line of cleaning and body care
                                                  products   inspired   by   home     spa   rituals.
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                                                  NATURAL SERIES

                                                  The Natural cosmetic line is a range of products
                                                  for comprehensive face, body and hair care.
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                                                  SULPHURIC SERIES

                                                  Effective anti-acne skin care series is on the
                                                  market   continuously    for  over    40   years!
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                                                  HERBAL SERIES

                                                  A hair care beauty herbal line (shampoos and
                                                  conditioners) based on beneficial action of natural
                                                  ingredients: brich, horsetail, black turnip etc.
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