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Elfa Pharm Polska was established to provide
                                                  women with very high quality herbal and plant

            Elfa Pharm Polska is a part of the international ELFA holding, which comprises factories in
           Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Our experience, passion for traveling and willingness to
           explore have contributed to the creation of products that combine the latest
           achievements of cosmetology with the centuries-old tradition of herbal medicine, taking
           advantage of the timeless value of natural ingredients.

                                                  VIS PLANTIS

                                                  Vis Plantis aims to restore and strengthen the
                                                  physiological balance of the skin and it can be
                                                  characterized by an innovative combination of
                                                  active. >> click here

                                                  GIFT OF NATURE BY VIS PLANTIS

                                                  Gift of Nature is a brand of vegan cosmetics
                                                  created by a team of enthusiasts, who proved that
                                                  at an affordable price you can create very good
                                                  products for demanding consumers. >> click here


           It is a brand created to emphasize female beauty
           every day and in addition to the appropriate
           active ingredients, our compositions also include
           adaptogens. >> click here


           Element consists of three unique lines for face
           & body care: age defying with bakuchiol, deeply
           moisturizing with snail slime filtrate and for facial
           mimic wrinkles with snake venom analogue.
           >> click here
                                                                     Social media

           Bishojo brand was designed so that every woman
           could easily and effectively take care of her face,       Website   Catalog
           provide everything that it needs. >> click here

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