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Clochee is a experienced producer of face and
                                                   body care products which are premium, natural,
                                                   vegan & ecofriendly. Our ambition is to deliver
                                                   the best quality skin care product all around the
                                                   world. We are exporting to many countries such
                                                   as: Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United Arab
                                                   Emirates. Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary,
                                                   Portgual, Luxembourg, Germany, France.

                                                   The strength of Clochee is the excellent quality of
                                                   products, thanks to the use of carefully selected
                                                   active ingredients of natural origin and certified
                                                   ingredients. They provide great care effects,
                                                   thanks to the help of Mother Nature. We
                                                   produce cosmetics that support the natural
                                                   functioning of the skin and ensures well-being.

                                                   CLOCHEE SIMPLY ORGANIC

                                                   Face and body care line for all skin types, rich in
                                                   active ingredients such as: cold pressed oils, plant
                                                   extracts, natural preservatives, butter made from

                                                   CLOCHEE PREMIUM

                                                   Innovative & anti-age face care line, based on
                                                   flower water, organic ingredients. Eco-solution
                                                   packaging: PCR glass and refill.

           PURE BY CLOCHEE

           Face care for young & problematic skin. Products focused on fighting imperfections such
           as acne, discolorations, dehydration.


           For baby from the first days of life, ultragentle formulas. Eco-friendly packaging certified
           by ECOCERT & COSMOS.

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