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BluxCosmetics Sp. z o.o. has been a manufacturer of
           household cleaners, personal care cosmetics and
           car cleaning products for over 28 years now.

           We cooperate with some of the biggest clients spread all across EU and worldwide, and
           we have been successful in providing them with value-for-money products.

           We can both supply products under our brands -
           Naturaphy, Blux, BiLo, Auto-Lider and under your
           private label.

           BluxCosmetics has been meeting the quality
           requirements of the GMP and BRC CP standards
           for a long time.

                                                  Our cosmetics are available in many fragrances
                                                  and are enriched with natural extracts. Naturaphy
                                                  line consists of: hair shampoos, hair & body
                                                  washes, hand soaps, bath foams, hand sanitizers,
                                                  nail  polish    removers.    Are   priced    very
                                                  competitively, are of good quality and feature an
                                                  attractive and modern design.

                                                  Our recommendations for Asian markets: KIDS
                                                  Hair & Body Washes 300ml and 1000ml, ECO Hair
                                                  Shampoos 250ml, Hair Shampoos 650ml, Face,
                                                  Hair & Body Washes 1000ml.

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