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Dottore Cosmeceutici is the first Polish brand of
           cosmeceuticals being the culmination of knowledge
           and many years of experience in aesthetic medicine.
           The team coordinated by dr Waldemar Jankowiak
           has created unprecedented cosmetic formulas for
           people looking completely non-invasive and effective
           ways to deal with the passage of time and their skin
           problems. Dottore Cosmeceutici brand is a family
           business producing cosmetics for two main types of
           clients: the professional line used in various Clinics
           of Aesthetic Medicine, SPA resorts and beauty
           parlors available throughout Poland and Europe as
           well as products used for home care.


           First adaptogenic treatment for vascular skin with
           a tendency to rosacea. It reduces skin hyper-
           reactivity,  has    anti-inflammatory    properties,
           improves skin tone and restores the proper balance
           of the hydro-lipid barier. >> click here

           C-FLUSH LINE

           A highly concentrated treatment with a rich and
           nourishing texture. Vitamin C counteracts the aging
           process, long-lasting and deeply moisturizes dry skin
           and   reduces    wrinkles  caused    by   dry  skin.
           >> click here
                                                                     PEPTIDE LINE
           CITY LINE
                                                                     The line is a proposal for
           Complex, based on beneficial fermentation skin care       women looking for effective
           line that protects against harmful factors of the         solutions in skin care. Peptides
           urban environment. The combination of moisturizing        stimulate collagen production
           properties with exfoliation of dead epidermis cells       in the skin, which improves its
           smoothes, brightens and adds radiance to the skin.        condition,    firmness    and
           >> click here                                             elasticity. Additionally, they
                                                                     reduce the number of visible
                                                                     wrinkles.   They   are   used
                                                                     especially in the care of
            Social media                    Website                  mature skin with signs of
                                                                     aging. >> click here

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