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Dr Koziej Cosmetic Testing Institute is a family-run
           company founded in 1991 by Piotr Koziej,
           PhD in Pharmacology - the first Pole to become
           a Safety Assessor.

           This year we are celebrating 30th anniversary as the longest running private laboratory in
           Poland. We offer complexed services in introducing cosmetic products into the market
           and specialistic suport throughout all stages of product management.


           We develop recipes based on Clients’ guidelines
           and existing trends, compliant with applicable law.


           Physico-chemical and microbiological analyses
           (challenge   tests),  stability  and  compatibility
           tests, dermatological, application, Instrumental,
           trichological and SPF tests, tests involving different
           medical specialists, unique procedures for setting
           Minimal Durability Date (e.g.PAO), individual
           choice of testing for special purpose products).


           We develop complete, professional cosmetic
           product safety reports. The reports include
           rigorous toxicological analysis and verification of
           product documentation (including labels) in
           compliance with EU regulations).


           We verify claims substantiation: naturality index, antiradical activity, anti-aging, anti-
           pollution, hypoallergenic character, The microbiome, protection against radiation. We
           help define correct marketing declarations

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