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Cosmetic Laboratories Dr Irena Eris is one of the
                                                  most valuable and renowned cosmetic brands.
                                                  A dynamic skincare and make-up exporter to over
                                                  60 markets.

           All products are based on the company’s own, original formulations and are always
           subjected to tests conducted throughout all stages of their creation. Luxurious beauty
           products Dr Irena Eris have been created out of passion for beauty care. Groundbreaking
           formulas are designed based on own applications for patents, innovative technologies or
           the best, often not easily accessible components and thanks to synergy of activities of the
           group of experts from various fields, the beauty products distinguish themselves on the
           market for years.


                                                   Absolute glow. No wrinkles. An innovative line of
                                                   rejuvenating cosmetics which effectively reduces
                                                   discolourations, evens out the skin tone and
                                                   subtly brightens up the skin. The unique
                                                   combination of Signal Matrixyls (low-molecular-
                                                   weight peptides) and a Pigment-Block complex
                                                   reduces pigmentation spots and wrinkles, evens
                                                   out the skin tone and restores the face’s natural
                                                   brightness and a visibly younger appearance.
                                                   >> click here


                                                   Skin’s firmness and elasticity improvement. An
                                                   innovative   line  of   anti-wrinkle  cosmetics
                                                   combining the natural wealth of the seas and
                                                   state-of-the-art biotechnological advancements.
                                                   Based on the mechanism of action of the
                                                   biomolecules in the marine algae Undaria
                                                   Pinnatifida,  the  unique    Reproductive   Cell
                                                   TechnologyTM      stimulates   the    skin    to
                                                   dramatically regenerate and fight the signs of
                                                   aging. >> click here

           Global Anti-Aging skincare >> click here

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           Line combining science and aesthetic medicine
           and providing immediate, visible results and
           optimal care benefits. >> click here

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