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Bielenda Natural Cosmetics, one of the leading and
           most popular Polish cosmetic brands, has been
           creating cosmetics for face, body and hair care since

           Its portfolio also includes sun care products, products for pregnant women, children and
           a men's line. From the beginning, it has been faithful to the idea of searching for the most
           effective and skin-friendly combination of the highest-quality natural ingredients with the
           achievements of advanced biotechnology. Bielenda includes the brands: Bielenda,
           Bielenda Professional, SupremeLab, BodyBoom, Soraya and Dermika.


           Is an advanced line for facial skin care, with
           specially developed formulas inspired by aesthetic
           medicine treatments and high concentration of
           active ingredients used in professional treatments.
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           ROSE CARE

           Rich in highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid, as well
           as a vitamin complex with anti-ox and anti-
           pollution properties, i.e. anti-aging and protection
           against environmental pollution. >> click here

           GOOD SKIN

           Is an advanced and highly concentrated care
           inspired  by   aesthetic   medicine   treatments.
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           ECO NATURE

           Is a care that derives its effectiveness from the
           unquestionable power of the beneficial plant
           ingredients. >> click here

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