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We believe in the holistic approach to beauty.
                                                  Minimalistic, natural compositions that benefit
                                                  the skin.

           As a result we have created products that help to bring natural beauty out, instead of
           burdening the skin and covering it with heavy layers of makeup. We have been
           dynamically developing in Poland and abroad for over 9 years. Currently, we have 8 own
           online stores, thanks to which we serve customers from almost all over Europe. Our
           foreign partners from Japan, Turkey and Iran are also a huge support in the development
           of our brand.

                                                  MINERAL FOUNDATIONS

                                                  Combine makeup and skin care in one. Tests have
                                                  shown that our foundations reduce inflammation,
                                                  sebum secretion and the visibility of pores.
                                                  >> click here

                                                  MINERAL CONCEALERS

                                                  Our concealers are a special task cover-up force.
                                                  Thanks to the titanium dioxide, they are super
                                                  effective in covering all redness. The zinc oxide
                                                  helps   in  the   treatment    of   inflammatory
                                                  conditions. >> click here


           Our blushes ensure a fresh, innocent look. The
           high pigmentation and diversity of shades is what
           makes using them a simple task, even for
           beginners. The intensity of the color can be
           graded by applying successive coats of the
           product. >> click here


           See for yourself that 100% natural care is possible!
           Our cosmetics are based on green recipes and
           ingredients of plant origin. >> click here

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